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History of Microsoft Antivirus Software

Free malware protection tool Microsoft Security Essentials has become one of the world’s most popular security package but the story of Microsoft antivirus software goes back to 2003. Learn about the history of antivirus software and get ready for a surprise, First Ever Exclusive – a new security application from Microsoft!

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Windows 8 Power Shortcuts

A small tool that adds new items to the Quick Access Menu.

Windows 8 Power Shortcuts is an application that adds new items to the Quick Access Menu in Windows 8.

The shortcuts that this application adds to the ‘Win+X’ menu are:
Lock, Sign out, Sleep, Shut down and Restart.

Windows 8 – Power Shortcuts


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ReFS vs NTFS Benchmark

ReFS (Resilient File System, originally codenamed Protogon) is a new file system initially intended for file servers that improves on NTFS in Windows Server 2012. The project originally started out as Monolithic NTFS (MNTFS) and then ended up codenamed Protogon before the final ReFS naming was chosen.

Microsoft claims ReFS has been built from the ground up, to meet the demands of the storage requirements needed by Windows users. It offers the ability to handle large storage volumes (maximum volume size of 1 Yobibyte), shared storage pools across multiple machines and enhanced resiliency to corruption.

Surendra Verma, the development manager for the Storage and File System team wrote:

“ReFS inherits the features and semantics from NTFS including BitLocker encryption, access-control lists for security, USN journal, change notifications, symbolic links, junction points, mount points, reparse points, volume snapshots, file IDs, and oplocks.”

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Website Under Maintenance

On June 14, 2012 while updating the server database has been corrupted. This website has been restored, however, the users who created the account will have to repeat the registration. You can use the same logins. I apologize for the inconvenience!

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Welcome to First Ever!

Hello, my name is Marcin Grygiel and I am the founder and owner of First Ever website.

(to translate)

W Internecie używam nicku Marcin-prv i mogliście słyszeć o moich dziwnych projektach, takich jak pierwsza instalacja systemu Windowsa na telefonie komórkowym, budowie najszybszego komputera HTPC na świecie lub ostatnio o uruchomieniu Windows 8 na komputerze wyposażonym zaledwie w 128MB pamięci operacyjnej.

Do tej pory wszystkie materiały zamieszczałem na forum vortalu, jednak nadszedł czas by stworzyć coś własnego…

The First Ever shall contain only exclusive news that you will not find on other sites!

Już dzisiaj zapraszam do darmowej rejestracji i zamieszczania komentarzy.
Z chęcią nawiążę współpracę z reklamodawcami, a pozyskane w ten sposób środki przyczynią się do dalszego rozwoju strony.

Marcin Grygiel


I am responsible for website administration, graphic design and posted materials. It took me only four days to build the First Ever and has not incurred any costs.

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