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Marcin Evil – Windows 8 RTM Hack!


You don’t need to sign in to Windows account but you have full access to all files!

More information about this bug:

  • This is a new (UNKNOWN) bug!
  • I can run ONLY Internet Explorer browser.
  • I have a FULL ACCESS to ALL drives and files.
  • It IS NOT the sethc.exe “StickyKeys Hack”
  • I DO NOT replace Utilman.exe file.
  • I DO NOT modify the system at all!
  • The security bug affects all versions of Windows Vista, 7 and 8!
  • The bug is associated with original Utilman.exe file.
  • I can get access to both Microsoft Account or Local User Account.
  • I’m NOT USING a USB flash drive, memory card, CD/DVD or external
    hard disk.

Official Video:

More information will be available soon…

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Windows 8 Pre-News!

This is Pre-News!

For more details please visit this site tomorrow!

1. Windows 8 – Internet Browser Chooser App for Modern UI (for EU)
2. Chromium (Chrome 23) for Modern UI (only here!)
3. Skype for Modern UI – Skype vs Skype Modern UI – coming soon!
4. New version of ReFS for Window 8 RTM – coming soon!
5. New version of Chromium Auto Updater for Windows 8 – coming soon!
6. New version of Microsoft Security Essentials 4.1.509.0 RC for Windows 8!
7. New version of Windows 8 Power Shortcuts – coming soon!

AAAAAA… where is my coffee???


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Google Chrome (Chromium) back on the throne!

The HTML5 Test

How well does your browser support HTML5.

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