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Keep Calm and Hack The Planet

I just think it takes slightly too long… I’m waiting 8 months, by the time my website has been visited over 700 times by LAPD. If you can’t hack you own Windows Vista, 7 or 8 then solve the Quiz! 😀
Try to use your brain it won’t hurt much.

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Did Microsoft not learn anything?

Seems they did not learn anything from last time. I still can hack Windows 8.1 (codename “Blue”) and older version including Windows 8 (RTM), Windows 7 (RTM, SP1) and Windows Vista (RTM, SP1, SP2)!

I do NOT replace any Windows files and do NOT modify the Windows Registry!

Windows 8.1 Hack

You will be able to download not obscured version of the “A Brief Guide to World Domination” soon! Simply check my YouTube Channel for more instruction!

A Brief Guide to World Domination


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