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Cheapest PCI-E Riser (25cm) on eBay (UK/EU)!

These cables are commonly used by GPU miners to connect multiple video cards to a motherboard by “lifting them” off and away from the motherboard. This also allows for more efficient cooling, thereby increasing the life of the cards, as well as possibly running at higher speeds. BUY IT NOW HERE!


Do you need a powered connector?
Usually, if you decide to use powered cables, it is only after you have more than 3 video cards in one system.

Do PCI-E 1X Slot Reduce Mining Performance?
They do not. Your video card will mine just as fast on 1X compared to 16X slots.

Do I need PCI-E 1X Slot?
It allows you to connect your graphics card to any 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x PCI-E slots to make use of those slots you wouldn’t normally be able to use. 

Do I need additional Drivers for my Motherboard?
No riser that we have used, or sell, requires the use of additional drivers.


  • Brand new and high quality
  • Interface: PCI-E 1X to 16X
  • 2 layer PCB board
  • High Quality Flex Ribbon Riser Card
  • No Driver necessary and not support hot swappable
  • Suitable for 1U / 2U chassis (all graphics cards supported i.e. AMD Radeon HD 7990)
  • Cable length: 21cm, Total length: 25cm
  • Molex cable provide extra power suppy if your PCI-E video card can’t get enough power from PCI-e slot

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