Microsoft Security Essentials 4.1 for Windows 8

According to WikipediaMicrosoft Security Essentials does not run on Windows 8, which has an antimalware subsystem of its own. Guess what, they’re wrong!

Why Microsoft Security Essentials?

This is not an official updater! The MSE files have not been modified!
It supports Windows 8 RTM build 9200, but may work with older versions too.
The author is not responsible for any damages this mod may cause to your system.

Official MSE Beta Installer:

Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0.1111.0 Beta (x64): link 1 link 2 link 3
Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0.1111.0 Beta (x86): link 1 link 2 link 3

Unofficial MSE First Ever Installer for Windows 8:

Microsoft Security Essentials 4.1.522.0 Final (x64): link 1 link 2 link 3
Microsoft Security Essentials 4.1.522.0 Final (x86): link 1 link 2 link 3

Unofficial MSE First Ever Uninstaller for Windows 8:

Microsoft Security Essentials 4.1.522.0 Final (x64): link 1 link 2 link 3
Microsoft Security Essentials 4.1.522.0 Final (x86): link 1 link 2 link 3

Installation Guide:

  1. Install Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0.1111.0 Beta x64 or x86.
    Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 7.
  2. If you see an error message: “A newer version of Security Essentials is already installed on your computer.” Download/unpack and Double click on a “MSE_unregister.reg” file and try to install it again.
  3. Install Microsoft Security Essentials 4.1.522.0 (x64 or x86)
  4. Double click on a “MSE_register.reg” file and run Microsoft Securite Essentials.

Uninstall Guide:

Microsoft Security Essentials 4.1.522.0 can’t be uninstalled in ordinary way, please download and run the unofficial uninstaller from First Ever.

  1. Run Microsoft Security Essentials 4.1.522.0 Uninstaller (x64 or x86)
    as administrator  (right-click: Run as administrator)
  2. Open: “Control Panel” -> “Programs” -> “Programs and Features”
    Uninstall (Remove Only): “Microsoft Security Essentials”

Please register on my website and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!

Author: Marcin Grygiel aka Marcin-prv

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46 Responses to Microsoft Security Essentials 4.1 for Windows 8

  1. Ardeshir says:

    Cool, Thanks!!!!!!!!

  2. Jim Doyle says:

    Installing the Windows 8 RTM upgrade removes Microsoft Security Essentials and replaces it with a version of Windows Defender that looks exactly like MSE.

    Has Microsoft developed MSE 4.1 or participated in its development in any way?

  3. roberto says:

    all links broken !

  4. Grandmaster P says:

    All the links are down douchebag!! Fix it!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Daniel says:

    Please fix the links i have used alot of time to find a solution on this problem and this site had it well until i clicked the links 🙁 i really need this 🙂

  6. Tuan says:

    All links are dead. Please reup!!! Thank you so much!

  7. Tuan says:

    New version is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much!!!

  8. arshad says:

    Tom’s hardware link is wrong
    you place this-http://http//
    correct it..

  9. Hi guys! Please leave your comments here If you are satisfied with MSE for Windows 8! 🙂

  10. Tuan says:

    MSE for Windows 8 on 32 bit version run really fast. However, in 64 bit version it makes system starting slower a little bit ^^. Anyway, this version is really necessary and better than windows defender thousand of times^^. Thank you so much!!!

  11. Simon Egli says:

    Works also for Windows 2012. No problems so far.

  12. roirraW "edor" ehT says:

    Thanks, Marcin! I’ve been really looking forward to this update. Thanks for sharing your work! 🙂

  13. Jahar Absin says:

    it wont work for me ‘coz i did not pass Genuine Windows .. i tried so many times to run as Administrator but still no Luck!

    here are the image links:
    error msg after clicking the mse 4.1 install

    did not pass chcek

    what will i do?? Please HELP..

  14. Jahar Absin says:

    follow-up to my previous comment..
    I Followed every step but i stuck at step 1
    this one

    i gues im doomed

  15. guru says:

    not working,i follow step by step.

  16. hell777 says:

    thanks dude very much
    but u r wrong MSE can be installed in non genuine version of 8
    I had installed
    just u have to start the setup form x86 folder and troubleshoot it
    tada it workssss

  17. David Egli says:

    Hi, Works also perfectly under Windows 2012, but not 2008, because beta does not install under 2008.
    I have it up and running since october 2012. I had two server crashes since then, but I don’t believe they’re related to MSE.

  18. fahim says:

    i cant install…
    it says “the customizable peremeters must be specifie to the install…..”
    -_- 🙁

  19. abun880007 says:


    Will you be releasing the new 4.2 MSE update for windows 8 x64 that has appeared on windows update as it does not install.

    Kind Regards


  20. […] artykuł i liki do instalatorów: […]

  21. Faheem says:

    I have installed but it gives me an error of validation check
    plz help me out

  22. Abdulazeez says:

    i have been trying to download microsoft security essential on windows 8, its telling me download error

  23. usman gujjar says:

    i have tried your method on evalution and activated pack of windowd 8 x32 pro and enterprise, but MSe says: YOUR WINDOWS DID NOT PASS GENUINE VALIDATION.

  24. rkkdjb says:

    Hey, first of all thanx for the 4.2 version and the news is that version 4.3 was released yesterday, waiting for u to put that up on ur website ASAP.

    • The update process is complicated. You have to uninsall current version then install and uninstall beta version MSE 4.0.1111.0. Finally install 4.0.1111.0 Beta again and use my updater. The latest version 4.3 will be released soon – I am on vacation! 🙂

      • rkkdjb says:

        Thank you Marcin for ur instructions I was able to successfully install the version of MSE on my Windows 8 x64 version using ur previous setup files and instructions above.

  25. Iwansyah says:

    Thanks…I have been done it, install sucsess!.. I have been waiting the latest version 4.3

  26. how to shutdown windows 8 says:

    I`ve a good question about Microsoft Operating System : On their lastest Windows8
    how do we shut it?

    • rkkdjb says:

      ^^on ur desktop or start menu, u bring the charms bar go to settings>go to power and chose shut down , restart or sign out. Alternatively on the desktop press Alt+F4 and u will get the shut down menu,this is faster.

  27. arvind chauhan says:

    how to use this

  28. Francis Louie Flaviano says:

    Is it ok install mse in windows 8 ?

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