My Custom Oculus Rift VR!

I am proud to present to you the world’s first Smartphone-Based (Nexus 5) Custom VR Head Mounted Display that can stream 1080p games from PC to Android device via USB cable. FullHD display with a pixel density of 445 ppi and 90 degree field of view.

Use built-in head-tracking sensor at 1000Hz and support FreeTrack protocol, Virtual Joystick/Controller or mouse. A system’s latency is approx 30 milliseconds (LCD Monitor to HMD).

I am looking for investors who can finance my new Virtual Reality project.
Any interested partners please email me at [email protected]

  • Project Budget: £75 (~$125)
  • Development Time: 3 days
  • True HD IPS+ @ 60Hz
  • Screen Pixel Density 445 ppi (Oculus Rift DK2 = 386 ppi)
  • Six-Axis sensor MPU-6515 (Oculus Rift DK2 = MPU-6500)
  • Work with all DirectX 9, 10 and 11 PC games
  • I managed to remove softkeys from my Nexus 5

If you know polish, you can read about my HMD:

FullHD source vs VR Goggle screen quality comparison.

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4 Responses to My Custom Oculus Rift VR!

  1. pillo787 says:

    Where are the scripts? Please post this

  2. Cacau says:

    Thats amazing. Just one question: How can you use USB to stream the desktop screen to the smartphone? I can’t read polish, so would you explain it to me?
    As a side question, why do we need Splashtop or GeForce Xp if you’re streaming via USB?

    Thx advance, and keep amazing us =)

  3. RoqueNE says:


    Streaming over USB actually means USB Tethering.
    He using USB as Network connection.
    And thats why he still need Splashtop. It works in the same way like over Wi-fi but direct from PC to Smartphone and so with lower latency. You could also use a Wi-Fi Stick and create a local Hotspot on your PC to connect your Smartphone to.


    most of the scripts (and infos) can be found here:

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