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Why I hate HP laptops?

Fortunately, I never bought any HP laptops but I have fixed a lot of them, for my friends. I don’t know about the new models, but I suppose they didn’t change much on that –  moreover, new laptop prices drop every year!

Reasons why NOT to buy a HP laptop:

  1. Broke soon after warranty expired!
  2. All HP laptops have a bad design for cooling!
  3. HP loves pre-installed Bloatware & Crapware
  4. They’re more expensive than other good brands.

Cleaning HP Cooling Fan

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Noisy Beast is Coming!

You may remember that I built the World’s Fastest HTPC in 2011. I admit that it was quite noisy under load, but now I’m building a Noisy Beast!

The World’s fastest HTPC (2011)

2x Thermaltake A2018 – 46.5dBA @ 2800 RPM

Noisy Beast (2013)

2x Koolance FAN-12038HBK-184 – 59.0dBA @ 4000 RPM
(according to xbitlabs.com review – 76.5dBA @ 4000 RPM)

Noisy Beast - Build 1     Noisy Beast - Build 2

Noisy Beast - Build 3     Noisy Beast - Build 4

Noisy Beast - Build 5     Noisy Beast - Build 6

Full review is coming soon…
Still waiting for a new Corsair H100i cooling system.

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The First Ever mouse with 120mm fan!

Thermaltake eSPORTS announced the Black Element Cyclone Edition mouse, which is an enhanced version of the basic Black Element mouse, complete with a detachable fan-device design. Today, FirstEver.eu is proud to present the World’s first gaming mouse with 120mm fan!

Why everyone thinks this mod is hardcore?

… becouse this mouse can cut off your fingers! 😀

Thermaltake eSPORTS BLACK Element Cyclone

Logitech G7 Gaming Mouse + CoolerMaster 120mm Fan (FirstEver.eu Mod)

It is a custom product not in the market!

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