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This is the craziest Kickstarter Project ever!

Turn your smartphone into a VR Headset. Stream PC/Mac games at HD resolution and use a built in sensor for head-tracking for ONLY £10!


Kickstarter: http://kck.st/1vABPrZ
YouTube: http://youtu.be/gBncB0wPfq0
Find out more at: http://www.shareVR.net

Thank you for your support!


Update #1

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to find a video from inside the VR headset? What you see on the monitor is not always what you get!

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NFS Rivals – Racing Wheels are not supported!

“Welcome to the EA Innovation Year 2013, where a game made by EA with CARS is locked at 30 fps, has no wheel support, looks exactly like Hot Pursuit 2 which was capped at 60 fps, so that one looks even better, and costs 60 god damn euros.” [gothiuli]

Some more comments from happy customers here: EA Answer

NFS Rivals

Ok, one more:

“Seriously, I looked forward to playing this game more than any other game due out this year, luckily I saw your post just prior to ordering a Logitech G27, how can you release a driving game that doesn’t support steering wheels, I mean seriously what were you guys thinking, where is the logic behind that? The mechanics are probably identical to Hot Pursuit 2 and that worked great with my G25. Why didn’t you even give players the option? Seriously it boils down to either: not caring about your PC customers or just being pure lazy. Either way I refuse to buy the game unless you implement steering wheel support. Finally I’m starting to understand all the hate for EA.” [seizetheday4eva]

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Windows 8.1 not for gamers?

This is bad news for gamers who use Logitech (all) mouse on Windows 8.1. It doesn’t metter what settings you choose, it is not possible to increase the USB polling rate via software or hardware over 180 Hz! In most cases, this is incompatible driver issue. I hope Logitech will fix this, or is this another Windows 8.1 bug?

Logitech & Windows 8.1

Logitech G700 (Logitech Gaming Software 8.50.281) on Windows 8.1

Logitech Bug on Windows 8.1

If anyone else has tried it, please share your results in comments. Download Mouse Rate Checker 1.1b – a little program that measures and displays the sample rate of a mouse – here.

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online is the next generation of PC multiplayer shooters. Step into the boots of an elite Ghost and deploy cutting-edge weapons and technology as you link up with your Ghost squad to dominate your enemies on tomorrow’s battlefield.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online

As a Free to Play game, you will be able to download and experience core content without paying a single pens.

  1. Create an account: Ubisoft
  2. Download and install the game (2.94GB): Link
  3. Join First Ever Clan – my nick is “Marcin-prv
  4. Have fun!

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