June 2022

Microsoft won’t allow Windows 11 on many older devices. If Your PC does not meet the minimum hardware requirements to upgrade to Windows 11 you may consider purchasing a new PC or choose our remote upgrade service. Available now in our Store (soon) and on eBay.

January 2022

We released the first product under our brand – FirstEver 4-Port USB-C 10Gbps Gaming Hub. It is the smallest (43g / 1.5oz) USB-C 10Gbps hub on the market and has illuminated USB ports. It is available in the UK and you can buy it from our official online Shop and on eBay.

June 2018

We built the best backlight system for PC monitors in the world. The project called MEGA Light with 400 RGB LEDs was completed in 2018 and to this day no better device has emerged. The device has 400 RGB LEDs and very high responsiveness.

January 2017

During the cryptocurrency boom, FirstEver was a leading supplier of components for Ethereum mining servers in Europe, such as PCI-E 1x to 16x Powered USB risers and other types of adapters.

November 2014

We designed and built the first VR goggles with built-in cooling system comprising two mini fans. This solved the problem with foggy headset lens issues.

October 2014

In 2014, we created a start-up called shareVR, a software that allows you to use your smartphone as a screen for virtual reality (VR) goggles and play PC games. We were the first to play titles such as ARMA 3, Alien IsolatedCrysis 2 Maximum Edition and Project CARS in VR.

May 2014

We were the first to run Windows 7 on Android smartphone thanks to x86 virtualization on ARM processor. Earlier, in October 2012, Microsoft released the Windows RT 8 operating system. Unlike Windows 8, Windows RT was only available as preloaded software on devices specifically designed for the operating system.

September 2013

We built the first 8 GPU mining servers for Scrypt-based cryptocurrencies based on the most powerful AMD Radeon HD 7990 cards. In the following years, we built many Ethereum mining servers. Many of these servers are in operation until this day and continue to make a profit despite an increase in electricity charges.

February 2009

We run the first Windows operating system on Nokia N95 smartphone. You may have read about it on technology portals all over the world. “The most awesome – and pointless – hack in smartphone history” – BitTech. In the same year, the FirstEver website was created, the place for our future projects.